Finding Pickleball Courts Near Me? Here Are 6 Easy Ways

Pickleball Court Near Me

Maybe you are new to pickleball or looking for new people to dink with. You may be asking yourself how do I find pickleball courts near me? Finding courts can be challenging, but with these guidelines, you can find a great local community of pickle ballers. 

Below are some actionable tips about how you can identify some places to play pickleball and find some local groups.

Let’s jump in!

Typing the words “pickleball near me” into the google search box will likely give you a few relevant results. But, you can use your smartphone or computer to look up a local YMCA. Navigate to their site and use the search features upper right corner. Typing in “pickleball” or “Pickleball Courts” gives you a full list of the resources they provide. 

They often teach pickleball clinics a few times a week if you want to learn or brush up on your skills.

Pickleball Courts Near Me YMCA

Also very helpful, is the fact that you can reserve courts in 1-hour blocks all from YMCA’s website.

YMCA Search results

However,  you may enjoy the old-school approach, heading out to your community center is one way to meet people. Several of the current community centers started providing pickleball, especially when people were on lockdown. 

You’ll have a higher chance of finding a great community of people with similar interests as yourself such as pickleball. Our local YMCA has clinics three times a week, from beginner lessons to expert techniques and training.

Are There Local Tennis Clubs With Pickleball Near You?

Most local tennis centers want to make extra income by jumping on the pickleball train. They usually offer a relatively affordable membership fee or public non-member pricing as well. 

Most tennis clubs now offer pickleball and have built dedicated courts. The game’s undeniable popularity has led racquet clubs to join in the fun! 

Some of the centers have also just converted tennis courts into pickleball courts. Consider asking around for more information about the centers. Local tennis clubs have most of the equipment required to play pickleball at their pro shop. Likely you may be able to rent some equipment before fully committing to your own set.

Join Meet-Up Groups In Your Area!

The social networking site allows you to join various groups that meet your areas of interest. Apart from finding individuals with similar interests online, you can organize physical or digital meetings to discuss relevant information.

Meetup groups focused on pickleball are great resources for getting information about where you can play the game. 

Additionally, if you don’t have a local meetup in your area, you can create one. Maybe join a group of people interested in fitness or tennis and propose a pickleball game to the group. You can choose to rent a place and buy the equipment, then share the costs and have a place to play the game.

Meetup Groups

Identify the best pickleball Meetup groups and join them! I found four pickleball groups within 25 miles of me, they have regular games a few times a week. 

I’ve seen them offer great resources also, discounts on equipment, and tournament viewing parties. Meetup is an invaluable source for finding people with the same interest, and who knows you may just make some friends along the way.    

Pickleball Courts Near Me - Join Facebook Groups

Facebook is another great resource for finding pickleball courts and players near you. Well despite how you might feel about Facebook, it’s the biggest social network in the world. 

With a quick search in the group’s section, I discovered about 8-10 groups that are pretty active in the platform in my area. Again if there aren’t any in your town or city, you can whip up a group pretty easily and post it on your timeline.

Facebook pickleball groups

If you have a Facebook account, you can search for the available pickleball groups and filter based on the location. Once you identify some groups check out what people are posting. They may have used equipment or maybe weekly meetup games.

Facebook Pickleball Group

However, you have to be careful because, of course, there are scammers everywhere. Never buy equipment online without verifying the person or equipment. Be sure to double-check who’s offering it, some things ARE too good to be true.

Bonus Tip: Have You Heard Of Nextdoor?

Yes, Nextdoor may be full of nosey neighbors and people arguing about where they should put a stop sign. However, it’s also a social network full of amazing people looking to build a community. Reach out to neighbors or start a pickleball group discussion. 

Nextdoor pickleball groups

Pickleball Near Me? There's An App For That!

Yes, there’s an app for everything! There are several court finders, but we recommend going to the source Apple App Store. The USAPA has put out an app to help people find local pickleball courts all across the country. It’s fitted out with reviews and information you need to make that crucial decision of where to play.

Places to Play App

It’s a simple app and very easy to navigate. No account is needed, anywhere you are you can search by location, name, or zip code. Up pops a map with a bunch of free and paid options. Places2Play is a great resource, whether you’re traveling or just looking for a new court. Unfortunately, the USAPA must all be Apple users because there is no android application at this time. (there’s a website listed in the next section!)

Here's The USAPA Website

While finding pickleball courts near you can be challenging, you can rely on the USAPA once again. They have a handy resource The site has a simple search feature to find places across the US. 

When you search, the site provides several details about the different facilities, including the specific activities, the place’s name, the address, the city, the number of courts and the players it can hold, and extra information about the services provided. It’s a great way to find free pickleball courts anywhere in the US

This site provides comprehensive information for finding the most suitable place to play pickleball. Finding information online is always easy, but verifying the courts still exist is another important process. 

USAPA Listing

Where Can I Learn Pickleball?

There are website guides online about how to play pickleball (Ahem you’re visiting one now). However, without physical practice, all the knowledge gained remains theoretical. You need actual practice to ensure you become an excellent player.

YouTube provides a source of information for playing tips as well. As we mentioned above, YMCA, community centers, and tennis clubs usually run clinics for beginners and experts alike.

Here is a fun post about The History of Pickleball

If you’re looking for a private coach, you may check craigslist for people posting lessons.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all for now, hopefully, we’ve provided you with some additional knowledge on where to play pickleball no matter where you live!

Be sure to check out all of our pickleball resources on the site and learn the rules of the game before getting out on the court!

Now we want to hear from you. What are some ways that you found pickleball courts in your area?

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